Children's Investment Fund

The Children’s Investment Fund (CIF), an affiliate of theCommunity Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC), has announced that it had distributed funds from a $1 million grant from Liberty Mutual Foundation to improve the accessibility of early childhood education facilities in Boston. The grant will be awarded to five organizations in low-income neighborhoods throughout the city to create more inclusive spaces and accessible learning environments.

Infrastructure improvements will address barriers to access so children of all abilities can learn and play together through various educational experiences. Upgrades will include constructing new outdoor play spaces, improving exterior and interior access points and circulation, and adding new furnishings to better support children with disabilities.

According to the U.S. Census, over 3 million children in the United States have a disability. Without access to education, they lose opportunities to develop skills for employment, independent living, and participation in their communities.

The Children’s Investment Fund provides financing, technical assistance, and training to community-based nonprofit childcare providers that serve low-income families and plan to develop high-quality facilities.

“We want children of all abilities to have access to the highest-quality early education,” said Melissa MacDonnell, President of Liberty Mutual Foundation and Vice President, Community Investments at Liberty Mutual Insurance. “These projects will create equitable spaces for children with disabilities and will show them that these spaces are for them – that they belong there and have a place to thrive.”

The following organizations will receive the Inclusive Futures awards:

• Nurtury Early Education and East Boston Social Centers will update their infrastructure to provide children with disabilities better access to their entrances and outdoor play areas

• Crispus Attucks Children's Center and Dimock Community Services Corporation will modernize their elevator systems to ensure all children, families, and staff have access to the building

• Paige Academy will construct a new ramp to improve the accessibility of their building

“We’re grateful to the Liberty Mutual Foundation for their support. This generous grant allows us to continue supporting early education facilities throughout Massachusetts, which is critical to ensuring safe, healthy environments for children to thrive,” said Theresa Jordan, Director of the Children’s Investment Fund.

Children’s Investment Fund is a nonprofit organization that believes all children deserve to learn in safe physical environments designed to support their healthy growth and development. For nearly 30 years, the Children’s Investment Fund has provided technical expertise and financing to non-profit ECE & OST centers planning to improve or expand their facilities. It offers high-quality training programs, access to professional consultants, and funding to pay for predevelopment expenses, acquisition of property, and permanent loan financing.