Cardinal Cushing Raise the Roof

As Cardinal Cushing celebrates raising $1.7 million for a newly renovated auditorium, Shea Frost puts her signature on some plywood flooring that will be used for renovations.

Cardinal Cushing Centers of Hanover has unveiled plans to completely renovate its auditorium, and gave thanks to several very special donations from local families and foundations who are making it possible. This “Raise the Floor” event was aptly named, as the previous space gets gutted and an entirely new auditorium floor is erected from the ground up. Completion is slated for June, and will include updated seating, sound and lighting systems.

This is another step toward Cardinal Cushing’s long-term strategic plan to provide not only spaces for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities to grow and flourish, but also a mixed-use space to invite the surrounding community of “typical” adults and youth to become involved on Cushing’s campuses.

“People of any age, and any ability, benefit from being around each other, which is why Cardinal Cushing Centers is making strides to create integrated spaces that will be available not only to our students and residents, but to members of the South Shore,” said Michelle Markowitz, CEO of Cardinal Cushing Centers. “Between our MarketPlace stores and Café, our greenhouse, and now our auditorium renovation, the community will have so many ways to come and be part of our inclusive neighborhood.”

The performing arts program at Cardinal Cushing Centers is one of the student’s most cherished classes, where students with many different levels of abilities can perform. “Many of our students just come alive when they are given the chance to perform,” says Tarchell Hammond, Assistant Director of Recreation and Community Programs. “Having an auditorium where the students can meet, expand their horizons and enjoy performances will be incredible.”

Cardinal Cushing Centers expressed thanks to its generous family donors who supported this project, along with the Roessner Family Foundation and the Yawkey Foundation.