Liz Wiley Is Now Executive Director of the Marion Institute

Liz Wiley
January 4, 2019 — The Marion Institute, a nonprofit based in Marion that works to inspire social change through community-building, global sustainability, holistic medicine, and social justice, yesterday announced that Liz Wiley has been named executive director.

Wiley, who previously served as a program manager for the Marion Institute (MI), assumed her new duties this week, taking over from Robyn Branco, who stepped down from the post to become director of mission advancement at the Southcoast YMCA, based in New Bedford.

Branco served as executive director of MI for 11 months after filling various roles for the previous five years.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Liz back to the Marion Institute,” said Michael Baldwin, Cofounder and President of the Board of Directors. “She was with us five years ago and left an indelible mark on the organization. Her skills, accomplishments. and core values mirror the mission of the Marion Institute and we are looking forward to her shepherding MI into a new era.”

Originally trained as a biologist, has a diverse background focused on environmental and social issues for more than 20 years. Most recently, she was the climate resilience and food security lead at Spherical Analytics in Cambridge.

“It is with great excitement that I return to the Marion Institute as Executive Director. The MI’s mission has always been close to my heart and aligns with my personal and professional philosophy,” said Wiley. “Our goal of promoting healthy living and vibrant communities through food access, resilient environments and holistic healthcare is a fundamental part of my world view. I can’t wait to work with the incredible MI team to implement and expand this pioneering vision.”

In 2007, Wiley began working for Bristol Community College (BCC) where she developed the WISE Women program, implemented multiple grant initiatives focused on workforce development, and helped launch eHealth, an innovative private/public partnership that brought online health oriented programs to the college.

Later, as director of the college’s Green Center, she developed workforce training programs to support the green economy. Under her direction, the center grew into a major force for developing the green economy in the Southcoast region. She has taught courses at Boston University and BCC and is a certified yoga teacher.

Founded in 1993, the Marion Institute as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and projects that delve into the root cause of an issue and seeks to create deep and positive change in health and healing, sustainability, green economics, environmental education, and spirituality.

For the year ending Sept. 30, 2017, MI reported $2.26 million in revenue and $1.97 million in expenses, according to its most recently available annual report.