Passim ED Gets Scholarship to Harvard Nonprofit Program

Daniel Hogan
May 4, 2012 — Daniel B. Hogan, executive director of Passim, a Cambridge nonprofit arts organization perhaps best known for its legendary music venue, Club Passim, will attend Harvard Business School this summer, free of charge, to study nonprofit management.

Hogan, who received a $5,000 scholarship from Harvard Business School’s Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management summer program, will join will join 140 nonprofit leaders from around the world in July who are looking to strengthen their ability to improve the effectiveness of their organizations.

The prestigious program is designed for nonprofit executive directors and chief executive officers who are responsible for shaping the direction, mission, policies, and major programs of their organizations. Other local nonprofit leaders who have attended the program have come from Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Teach for America.

According to Hogan, Passim is at a critical juncture. It just completed three years in the black, but is severely space-constrained in being able to accommodate its music school and club. Consequently, he said, the organization needs to explore alternative paths to fulfilling its mission to help develop emerging artists through the community they have carefully built.

One alternative, he said, is to find ways to make the current arrangement financially and physically viable for the long-term. A second alternative is to move to another facility, either bought or rented, that gives them the space they need, which would require a significant capital campaign.

“The HBS SPNM program will jump start the exploration of these possibilities,” he noted.

Hogan has been executive director of Passim since 2008. Prior to Passim, he was executive director of Fathers & Families, a nonprofit trying to ensure that fathers can remain involved in the lives of their children after divorce.

Previously, for three decades, Hogan was a management consultant, specializing in leadership development, executive assessment and coaching, and the development and implementation of models for outstanding job performance.

Hogan holds a doctorate in social and clinical psychology and a law degree from Harvard University. He also volunteered for the Peace Corps in Community Development in Lesotho, Southern Africa.

Established as the Club 47 in 1958 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 1994, Passim in Harvard Square has been a cornerstone of the arts community of New England, fostering both performers and audiences alike. In addition to operating Club Passim, the organization runs a music school, offers grants to musicians through its Iguana Music Fund, and manages BCMFest, a program that showcases Greater Boston's best performers of music, song, and dance from the Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton and other Celtic traditions.