February 26, 2017
General News

Online Donations Outpace Overall Giving to Nonprofits
Mass. Ranks High in Charitable Giving, But Low in Volunteering
Millennials Would Give More if Nonprofits Got to Know Them
Updated Form 990-EZ to Help Smaller Nonprofits Avoid Errors
Planned Giving Study Breaks New Ground for Nonprofits
Collaboration Offers Nonprofits a Response to Growing Demands
Charitable Giving Likely to Rise 3.6% this Year
Attaining Long-Term Financial Stability Is Top Nonprofit Goal
Mass. Nonprofit Leaders Expect Greater Challenges in 2017
Mass. Charities Kept 41% of Funds Raise by Pros in 2015
Nonprofits Get Reprieve from New Overtime Rules
Growing Reliance on Wealthy Donors Poses Risks for Nonprofits
Mass. Volunteer Rate Drops, Reflecting the National Trend
Mass. Nonprofits May Be Asked to Do More in Election's Wake
Nonprofits' Efforts to Increase Fundraising Have Been Stymied
Wealthy Volunteers Give More than Others
Mass. Nonprofits Advised to Be More Innovative, Experimental
Post-Recession Public Support Fell Sharply for Mass. Nonprofits
Other Mass. Nonprofits Want to Learn from You
Share News about Your Fundraising Success
Experts Provide Guidance on Nonprofit Operations
IRS Lightens Up On Retroactive Reinstatement
Other Nonprofits Want to Learn from Your Fundraising Efforts
Nonprofit Sector Grew Faster than Business, Government
Nonprofits Told Success Is Tied to Their Ability to Collaborate
Grant Deadlines
Liberty Mutual to Lead Corporate Support of Nonprofits in 2012
Big Business Charitable Giving Not Likely to Grow Much in 2012
Compensation Caps Proposed for Mass. Nonprofit Leaders
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