July 18, 2019
Parenting Journey Uses Contest to Create Branding Message

May 17, 2018 — Some organizations spend many months and thousands of dollars to develop a branding message, but Parenting Journey, a national nonprofit based in Somerville that provides programs aimed at strengthening families and creating safe communities, did it in less than two weeks with no out-of-pocket costs.

Parenting Journey (PJ), which has been operating since 1982,wanted to tap the creativity of donors, parents, and staff at partner organizations to help name and shape its inaugural fundraiser to be held next month. To do that, it held a competition to identify a tagline.

"We launched an online tagline submission contest on April 25th and alerted our members via email and on social media. People were encouraged to submit via an online form," said Duncan Remage-Healey, the organiztaiaon's managing director of institutional advancement.

A strict one-week deadline was issued, and Parenting Journey received 36 suggestions. PJ staff narrowed the list to five, and invited the community to vote for their favorite. The winning tagline was selected from 106 online votes submitted on May 4.

And the winner was...Breakfast of Family Champions: Nourishing Families since 1982!

"The tagline competition was launched to get input from our families and supporters, and to give them an opportunity to see their creativity shine at the event," said Remage-Healey.

The winner, Fortunata Lardo-Dimarco, administrative director of Cardinal McCloskey Community Services, New York, received two free tickets to The Breakfast of Family Champions, which will feature breakfast for dinner, set for June 20.

The new tagline will be used at the event, on all event materials, and in future years as the permanent branding message.

Parenting Journey, formerly known as The Family Center, adopted its current name in 2014 to better reflect the services it provides to parents, caregivers, and their children. It moved to Davis square in Somerville in 1983 after operating out of a van during its first year. In 2002, the organization moved to its headquarters in Union Square.

Since 2007, Parenting Journey has served more than 52,000 parents, and today has an office in New York City. Its programs have been replicated in nearly 500 locations across the United States.

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