October 19, 2018
Dakin Humane Society Saves by Upgrading Lighting, Heating

January 13, 2018 — Dakin Humane Society, a nonprofit animal shelter and care center based in Springfield, this week announced it has teamed with Eversource Energy to improve its lighting and heating systems that it said will cut annual energy expenses by $49,000.

The projected savings amount to nearly 5% of annual non-compensation expenses of Dakin Humane Society.

“Any money saved on energy can go back into our programs, which is vital to a nonprofit organization,” said Executive Director Carmine DiCenso. “We do everything from taking in animals that don’t have homes and may need medical care, to donating pet food to help people feed their animals in times of need. Both are such meaningful efforts, especially as we kick off the New Year.”

Prior to the project, the society said its building had inefficient lighting and a heating system that consistently ran to keep its water hot, wasting money and energy. Eversource and its energy efficiency contractor, Energy Resources, LLC, worked together to upgrade the lighting and, along with Columbia Gas, replace the Humane Society’s boiler.

The overall project is estimated to pay for itself in two years and create a more comfortable environment for guests, animals, and staff, according to the nonprofit.

Dakin Humane Society took advantage of the Mass Save small business program, sponsored by Eversource, which started with a free energy audit to identify energy efficiency opportunities. It included a comprehensive energy-saving proposal that detailed measures to make organizations more energy efficient, along with projected savings, and incentives and discounts for LED lighting and controls, HVAC systems, motor controls, refrigeration controls, and commercial kitchen equipment.

“We never thought the project would be affordable, but the program helped us make changes we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do,” DiCenso explained. “Plus, we have lots of things happening at once – animals ready for adoption or getting medical care, volunteers walking dogs, and the general public coming in to visit. Everything was done in a way that met our needs without startling the animals or interrupting our business.”

“We’re always thrilled to partner with organizations, like the Dakin Humane Society, that do such meaningful work in our local community,” said Eversource Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Penni Conner.

In 2016, Dakin Humane Society worked with 20,000 animals and people, placing animals in new homes, cared for through foster programs, and spayed/neutered, among other services.

For the year ending March 31, 2017, Dakin Humane Society reported $3.4 million in revenue, of which $1.6 million came from contributions and grants, and $3.3 million in expenses, according to its most recently available federal tax filing.

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