October 18, 2019
Six Mass. Nonprofits Get $250K to Fight Domestic Violence

December 26, 2015 — Six Massachusetts nonprofits will receive more than $250,000 in grant funding from the attorney general’s office to join with and provide support to schools participating in an effort with the New England Patriots to curb domestic violence and sexual assault.

The funding, announced Wednesday by attorney general Maura Healey, follows an announcement last September by Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation to establish an Institute for Safety and Justice to provide comprehensive training and a community building initiative for Jane Doe Inc., a statewide, nonprofit coalition of 60 organizations that supports victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

Receiving the $250,000 in new grant funding are: “These organizations do exceptional work providing prevention education to communities and resources to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault across our state," said Healey. “As we begin training students and school personnel in the fundamentals of healthy relationships and how to recognize signs of abuse, it’s important that schools are supported with access to crisis intervention and counseling services. These and many other great organizations are on the front lines, and they bring an invaluable expertise to this initiative."

“Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership" takes a multi-faceted approach to violence prevention education. The program, funded with $500,000 from the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and $150,000 from the Attorney General’s Office, will provide training for students, faculty and coaches at 90 public high schools in Massachusetts.

Debra J. Robbin, executive director of Jane Doe Inc., said, “It’s clear that Game Change is serious about changing the way that issues of gender-based violence will be addressed in our schools and communities. We congratulate the grant recipients and participating schools and know that we will all learn from their experience about how best to engage students, teachers and administrators, coaches, and parents to create a culture free of violence and abuse for our youth."

“Ending sexual and domestic violence is a top priority for our team and our foundation," said Kraft. “We are committed to supporting both prevention and access to resources for survivors, and are proud to partner with these organizations in that work."

During phase one, staff from each organization will participate in the regional trainings in their area alongside participants from selected schools. The trainings will be conducted by Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP), a national leader in addressing violence prevention. Run by the Center for Sport in Society at Northeastern University, MVP uses a sports-themed curriculum and employs collegiate athletes and former professional athletes as trainers.

During phase two, the domestic violence agency in each region will help train school staff and parents and work with school administrators on policies and services for students and families dealing with violence.

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