October 18, 2019
Music & Youth Initiative Gets Grant to Support Youth Jobs

September 14, 2015 — The Music & Youth Initiative, a Boston-based nonprofit that provides after-school, contemporary music programs for underserved youth, recently announced that it was awarded a $16,000 grant from the Music Empowers Foundation to fund jobs for youth leaders.

Through the grant, each youth leader, selected for his or her exceptional dedication and leadership qualities, will work at one of 15 Music Clubhouse locations in Massachusetts and will gain valuable work experience by teaching and mentoring at the clubhouse.

The new grant is the second awarded to the Music & Youth Initiative in as many months to support the jobs program. Last month, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation awarded $25,000 for the program.

“I remember my first job and how important it was to my development. The youth leader position is a job I would have loved to have had, because it combines a passion for music with real practical work experience. I am glad we can offer this opportunity to an increasing number of young people, thanks to the generosity of the Music Empowers Foundation,” said Gary Eichhorn, CEO of Music & Youth.

“I was very impressed with Music & Youth from our first becoming aware of the program, “ said Andy Davis, founder of Music Empowers Foundation. “ What I particularly like about the opportunity to partner with them on the Youth Leadership Program is that our grant will impact directly a select group of young leaders, and we’ll be able to witness their development and successes.”

The Music Clubhouse is an after-school, contemporary music program for underserved youth, ages 10-18, and is run by leading youth development organizations in Massachusetts in partnership with Music & Youth, including Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCAs.

The Clubhouses, which make “it possible for established and successful youth development organizations to create sustainable vibrant music programs which become an integral part of their organization and can meet the needs of their communities,” provide music education and the opportunity for participants to improve social and academic skills while building self-confidence and self-esteem.

More than 600 youth currently participate in formal music lessons every week in Music Clubhouses.

Noting that “kids love music,” Music & Youth says that music improves reading and math skills, teaches history, stimulates creativity, and encourages youth to be part of a team.

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