April 6, 2020
New Online Resources Aim to Improve Nonprofit Performance

September 22, 2014 — A new online learning and social networking platform that provides more than 200 professional development courses, accessible by nonprofits at no charge, has been launched.

NonprofitReady.org, developed by the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, offers a training library that includes e-learning courses, videos, abstracts, and webinars.

Citing a recent Bridgespan survey of nonprofit leaders, the foundation said a majority of nonprofits feel they have skilled and effective staff members, but 70% consider their lack of professional development opportunities to be an organizational weakness.

Representative online courses include Motivating Employees, Transforming Nonprofit Business Models, Preparing the Annual Performance Review, Operational Marketing: Strategic Marketing Plans, and Building the Foundation for Volunteer Involvement.

In addition to the 200 learning titles, nonprofits also have access to:
  • Tailored training plans to help individual development needs for common nonprofit job functions, including fundraising and development, leadership, accounting and finance, operations, marketing and communications, volunteer engagement, and program management.

  • Community-based learning, featuring collaborative learning groups facilitated by experts in the field, which provide users with the opportunity to learn and share insights with colleagues on the most timely, relevant topics facing the sector.

  • Social networking that enables nonprofit professionals to connect with peer groups and mentors to share organizational best practices and enhance their professional development.
”Training is a critical component to any successful organization, and providing efficient, effective and impactful training is especially important in the nonprofit community where budgets are tight and employees’ schedules are full,” said Mandy Luety, HR manager at Project Hope. “An online training resource like NonprofitReady.org helps reduce expenses and allows employees the flexibility to participate in professional development when and where it works best for them.”

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