April 6, 2020
Aprill Lane Named President of AGC Scholarship Foundation

Aprill Lane
April 13, 2014 — AGC Scholarship Foundation, a recently established nonprofit based in Mansfield that is committed to providing advocacy and scholarships for couples struggling with infertility, announced that it has named Aprill Lane, its founder, as its president.

The organization said that under Lane’s leadership, AGC Scholarship Foundation (ACG) raised more than $35,000 and provided more than $12,000 in financial awards to couples with infertility in its first six months of existence.

AGC said Lane and its board of directors have begun expanding their reach by offering specific advocacy, support, and funding opportunities to help young adults recently diagnosed with cancer preserve their fertility before, during, and after diagnosis and treatment. Several major fundraising events are planned for 2014.

“I am so excited that AGC Scholarship Foundation has been met with such immediate success,” Aprill Lane said. “The extensive experiences our board of directors brings to the organization will undoubtedly help others struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss. Together, we will make a difference in the infertility community.”

Lane said her personal experience with infertility familiarized her with the process and costs, both financial and emotional, of fertility treatments and infertility diagnoses. Witnessing how others’ financial struggles further complicated the process of family-building, Lane said she was inspired to establish AGC as an extension of a face-to-face and virtual infertility support group she started in 2010.

In addition to her work with AGC, Lane, a full-time employee at Pfizer, Inc, has been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters through the Boys and Girls Club of America, the McCourt Foundation for Alzheimer’s and MS Research, and Resolve. Previously, she worked in new business development at Back Bay Events Center, as well as doing location work for 20th Century Fox Television, Stu Segall Productions, and Revolutions Studios.

Lane earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Worcester State College.

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