February 20, 2020
Highland Street Foundation Gives $200K for ArtWeek Boston

August 22, 2013 — The Highland Street Foundation has awarded a $200,000, two-year grant to ArtWeek Boston to become title sponsor of the twice-a-year series of cultural events and experiences that seeks to engage more people, especially families with the arts, due to launch next month.

Coordinated by Citi Performing Arts Center, ArtWeek will offer events at museums, artistic communities, and other cultural venues that highlight the quality and diversity of arts, culture, and entertainment in Boston.

Joe Spaulding, CEO and president of Citi Performing Arts Center, said, “Partnering with Highland Street Foundation to launch a concept like ArtWeek is extremely exciting as we work together to highlight the amazing array of creative experiences available within our communities. The growth and success of the Highland Street Foundation’s Free Fun Fridays during the summer months is something we hope to mirror as ArtWeek expands.”

Each ArtWeek event links with local partners, aiming to enhance the customer experience, drive neighborhood economic impact, and build awareness about the area’s creative economy.

Blake Jordan, executive director of the Highland Street Foundation, said, “ArtWeek Boston is an innovative initiative that will help spotlight the rich cultural offerings within our community. We are excited about the opportunity to attract those who don’t normally engage in these types of experiences, particularly children and families.”

ArtWeek, set for Sept. 27 – Oct. 6, is loosely based on Restaurant Week, in that charges for events will use 'prix fixe’ prices of $20.13, $40.13, or be free. It will be held again April 25 – May 4.

In addition to launching locally, ArtWeek aims to be a model for statewide and national expansion.

Initial funding for ArtWeek came last May when Citi was awarded a $151,000 grant from ArtPlace America, a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks and federal agencies.

Proceeds of an auction to be held during ArtWeek will fund $500 awards to local schools to be used to purchase art supplies, employ a teaching artist, or fund a special art/cultural program.

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