February 20, 2020
#GivingTuesday Drew 103 Mass. Nonprofits to Start Yearend Drive

November 30, 2012 — One hundred three Massachusetts nonprofits joined #GivingTuesday, a one-day campaign held this week to celebrate and encourage charitable activities and support nonprofit organizations, and likely benefited from as much as a 53% increase in online donations on that day.

Blackbaud, a South Carolina-based technology provider and consultant to nonprofits, reported that online donations it processed increased by $10 million on Nov. 27, compared to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving last year. The company reportedly handles 10% of all online giving nationally.

Another processor of online donations, Pennsylvania-based SofterWare, reported that donations increased by 46% for the same day, according to The NonProfit Times.

A tally of online donations to Massachusetts nonprofits on Nov. 27 was not available.

For a list of Massachusetts nonprofits participating in #GivingTuesday, click here.

Most Plan to Donate to Charity During the Holiday Season

In addition, a recent survey conducted by Blackbaud and VolunteerSpot found that 96% of 1000 participants said they plan to donate to charity this holiday season.

However, that number is tempered with 46% of the respondents that plan to donate to charity this holiday saying they will either give to fewer charities or give less to the same number of charities as last year.

Thirty-nine percent plan to give the same amount as last year, while 13% plan to give more, according to Blackbaud.

Survey highlights show that:

  • The U.S. election appears to have little bearing on giving during the holiday season, with 89% of respondents saying that it did not change their plans to give.

  • Superstorm Sandy will likely have a greater impact on giving this holiday season, with 28% of respondents saying Sandy influenced which organizations will receive their donations, while 22% of respondents claim they will donate more this year due to Sandy.

  • Donors are giving: 82% of those that plan to give say they will donate between $1 and $500 dollars this holiday season, with a fairly even breakdown between: $1 - $50 (21%), $51 - $100 (20%), $101 - $200 (21%), $201 - $500 (20%). 3% plan to give more than $3,000.

  • More than one charity benefits: 37% of survey respondents indicated they plan to give to two charities this holiday season. 25% said they plan to give to three charities. Only 16% of survey respondents plan to give to one charity.

  • Most popular charity sectors: Human and social service organizations look to be the largest beneficiaries of donations during the holiday season, with 56% of respondents planning to give to those organizations. Faith-based organizations are a close second with 48% of the respondents’ support. Education (29%) and disaster relief (28%) follow farther behind. Membership organizations (3%) and public affairs organizations (3%) will likely receive the least amount of donations.

  • Giving is overwhelmingly multi-channel: Most donors will give to charity through a variety of methods and channels. The most popular will be to donate goods and services (74%), followed by mailing in a check (54%), adding a donation at checkout from a retail store (37%), online donation (28%) and making a product purchase where a portion of proceeds help an organization (27%).

  • Appeals that work: The most effective appeals that work are those that either explain the a charity’s need for the funds right now (72%) or appeals that focus on people, animals or places in need of help (70%).

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