July 16, 2019
SkillWorks Gives $111K to Two Boston Workforce Nonprofits

May 27, 2010 — SkillWorks, a Boston-based, nonprofit investment partnership that helps low income individuals obtain employment, announced that it has awarded $111,235 to two Boston-based organizations to train and prepare workers for energy efficiency and weatherization jobs.

The awards were the first supported by a new green jobs initiative from SkillWorks targeted for training Boston-area residents to become energy efficiency auditors, technicians, and weatherization specialists.

Receiving the grants were:
  • The Asian American Civic Association (AACA), which was awarded $76,235 to create an energy efficiency technician apprenticeship program. Energy efficiency technicians combine the skills of an energy auditor with the basic skills of a weatherization worker.

  • The Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), which was awarded $35,000 to prepare limited English proficiency workers from Chinatown and the Boston area for weatherization jobs at a living wage, with a long-term union career pathway.
“We are pleased to award job training grants to the Asian American Civic Association and the Chinese Progressive Union, which will train local workers for higher paying, middle skill jobs,” said Loh-Sze Leung, director of SkillWorks. “These grants will ensure we have trained and certified workers to help businesses and residents meet energy efficiency standards."

Leung added that over the next three years, SkillWorks expects to invest $750,000 to help create and support green jobs in greater Boston.

The Energy Efficiency Technician Apprenticeship Program will start next month. The main component of the program is a one-year apprenticeship that combines 2,200 hours of on-the-job training with approximately 171 hours of classroom instruction. It also includes a pre-apprenticeship math prep course for those that need extra math instruction.

CPA will serve as the lead agency for the Chinatown Green Collar Pathways Program. Other primary partners include the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35 and The Aulson Company.

Launched in 2003, SkillWorks is a $25-million investment partnership between local and national foundations, along with the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts. The partnership seeks to create opportunities for workers to gain skills needed to be successful in the state’s economy. It has since become a model for other cities across the country.

During 2003-2008, SkillWorks said that it invested $15 million to help more than 3,000 workers receive skills training with hundreds entering the workforce or receiving raises and promotions. Through 2013, the organization plans to raise $10 million for investments in workforce partnerships, public policy advocacy, and capacity building.

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