April 6, 2020
Oprah Leads to Nonprofit Connection

Thanks to Oprah’s show on television, The Treehouse Foundation discovered common goals with a Colorado-based nonprofit and aligned itself with Camp to Belong to serve the needs of foster children in Massachusetts in a new way.

The Treehouse Foundation, based in Brookline, addresses issues of foster care and foster care adoption by developing programs and partnerships. The goal for these programs is to provide children in foster care with enduring family relationships, strengthened emotional health, and supportive community connections.

One day, while watching Oprah, Treehouse founder and CEO Judy Cockerton discovered an organization called Camp to Belong. Its founder, Lynn Price, began Camp to Belong in Colorado. Her mission is to reunite siblings placed in separate foster homes through a summer camp experience, structured to help deepen the sibling connection and create lifetime memories.

Cockerton then contacted Price, and The Treehouse Foundation became the Masschusetts affiliate of Camp To Belong, adding to the variety of other programs and services Treehouse already offered.

"Thanks to our superb director, Tawni Whitney, and the 30+ volunteer counselors who helped us launch Camp To Belong Massachusetts, we have celebrated our first summer camp season, our first fall reunion, and the beginning of our year-round sibling connection initiative," said Cockerton.

This initiative offers siblings new opportunities to spend time together all year long. Brothers and sisters are enjoying each other’s company on a regular basis and have time to deepen their connection and develop close, healthy relationships.

The second camp season will take place this August 22-27, at Camp Wingate-Kirkland on Cape Cod.

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