February 18, 2020
Share your story with readers of Massnonprofit News

We invite you to share new approaches that are enabling your Massachusetts nonprofit to:

  • Get more done with the same or fewer resources, or
  • Better achieve your organization's goals, or
  • Attract more donors
Here's how to proceed:
1) Write up your story in about 700 words (in a Word doc), highlighting:
  • What you are doing that is new and what motivated the change.
  • What you were doing before.
  • What it took to implement the change, e.g., new staff, research, training, new software or other systems, etc.
  • Approximate cost to implement the change.
  • How you may have measured the impact to date and what you expect the impact to be over time.
  • Background on your nonprofit: very brief history, annual operating budget, full-time and part-time employees.
2) Email your article to editor@massnonprofit.org

We'll edit and publish selected stories that will be read by thousands of people working in—and providing funding to—nonprofits.

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